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You have what it takes, you just need a blueprint to make it work.

My signature step-by-step method on how to launch in 90 days WITHOUT wasting time and money 🚀

The biggest mistake most coaches make when “trying” to grow their business and WHY it may be keeping YOU stuck 🤐

The entire launch strategy you NEED to package your expertise and create a course that helps you scale your business to five-figure months.

The breakdown of how my client made $8,000 in 18 hours 💰from pre-selling her course ...and how you can too!

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Natashia is a Wife, Mama, Hype-Woman, Recovering Perfectionist, and a 7x college dropout who proves that degrees aren’t always required for the pursuit of dreams!

She has helped highly-driven entrepreneurs create and launch high-impact coaching programs which have collectively earned over $100,000 in revenue.

She’s the creator of The Launch Academy, a 12 week comprehensive program designed to help you create and launch an irresistible offer that generates impact and income!

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